Fire Safes

When it comes to magnetic media such as diskettes, CD’s, DLT Tapes and even rare collector items such as stamps and collectors cards, it is important not to underestimate two key factors. Firstly, such items are extremely sensitive, and secondly, they are usually irreplaceable. The Austen Data and fireproof safes ensures that all your data and valuables are protected.

  • The interior temperature is kept below 125 °F even while the exterior temperature exceeds 1800°F for a 2 hour period
  • The interior humidity level remains below 85% during the same period
  • Cutting edge smoke seals prevent smoke, dust and similar airborne contaminants from entering the safe
  • A Sealed inner compartment prevents any transfer of magnetic interference
  • The Austen Data safe employs a tamper proof electronic lock entry pad as well as a detent device which automatically locks and seals the door when closed

Construction for fire safes

A 90mm door with 3-way moving boltwork is filled with a solid casting of state of the art fire resisting material, resulting in a 2 hour tested level.
The safe body of 90mm is constructed in a similar fashion to provide 6 sided fire protection. The special wooden insert of 65mm thickness with special seals provides the ultimate protection required for data, against all threats.

Protection for fire safes

When it comes to magnetic media such as CD’s, memory cards, Flash drives, external hard drives and even rare collectors items such as stamps and collectors cards, there are 4 major factors which can cause irreparable damage: Heat, Humidity, Magnetic Interference and unauthorized access. The Austen data Safe ensures that all your valuables, data or otherwise, will be protected

Fire safes

Fire, Burglary, and Office Safes

The Rhino Fire, Burglary and Office safe offers fire and burglary protection with enormously increase storage capacity.
The safe provides an affordable way to store important documents and other valuables without compromising their security.

  • 12mm Solid high tenstile steel door 65mm overall
  • Three solid chrome plated 20mm locking bolts
  • Spring loaded tempered relocker
  • Adjustable Shelves
  • Bolt down hole
  • Stainless facia plates

Rhino Fire & Burglary Safes

Outer Dimension Inner Dimension
RS-0 440 x 380 x 450 335 x 260 x 300
RS-1 500 x 450 x 450 395 x 330 x 300
RS-2 650 x 525 x 500 545 x 400 x 350
RS-3 800 x 525 x 500 700 x 400 x 350
RS-4 800 x 700 x 700 700 x 580 x 550
RS-5 1000 x 700 x 700 885 x 580 x 550
RS-6 1400 x 700 x 700 1290 x 580 x 550
RS-7 1700 x 700 x 700 1550 x 580 x 550


Mutual Fire Safe RS4 open


The Rhino Fire, Burglary and Office safe is constructed of top quality materials such as steel to BS4360-430 MPA tenstile strength. Two inches of high density concrete is encased within the steel creating a formidable barrier against criminals and fire alike. Rhino Fire Safes are lab tested for 60 minutes at 1750°F. State of the art fire retardant material is encased within high density concrete.


SABS Approved 1.5hr Fire Rated Data Safes – EN RANGE

Outer Dimension Inner Dimension Weight
CS001EN 308 x 410 x 342 220 x 330 x 225 26kg
119EN 360 x 412 x 363 260 x 320 x 234 31kg
125EN 420 x 352 x 433 320 x 260 x 304 44kg