Demountable Vault

AUSTEN has followed the UL of America’s vault specifications for the classes 1, 2, & 3. The vault consists of a number of panels which butt up together. These are securely space welded from the inside & further secured by steel stripping the full height of each panel. This applies to the walls, floor & ceiling.

Austen’s demountable vaults are fully SABS tested & approved for SABS Cat 2ADM, Cat 3, Cat 4 & the highest level of Cat 5.
The overall height of the vault is 2.4 meters. The length and width dependent on the customers requirements. The vault dimensions are not restricted to any standard sizes. All units are completely pre-assembled in our factory, prior to installation, to ensure a proper fit.

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Why a Demountable Vault

To build a reinforced concrete vault is a costly and lengthy project. This normally has to take place when the building is being constructed. It means that the vault is permanent and is lost, should the need arise to change premises.
The installation of a demaountable vault is considerably lower in cost than that of a reinforced one. It can also be constructed in a relatively short period of time. Should the need arise to move premises it is a simple task to dismantle the vault and reassemble it at new location.
A demountable vault can be designed to meet the size requirements of the client. The only limiting factor being the load per square meter that can be carried by the building floor. Allowance is made for the provision of ventilation, lighting and any electric security devices should they be required

  • Panel Connections

These are made internally so that no fixings are visible form the exterior

  • Roof and Floor

The roof and floor sections are recessed into the side sections to prevent side access

  • Anchorage

Each floor section is provided with two floor fixing holes so that the whole structure can be bolted to the floor of the building

  • Door Opening

These panels are specially designed with full depth protection

  • Fittings

Standard fittings are Category 2ADM, 3, 4, or 5 main doors. The door is supplied with a 4 wheel combination lock and two 8 lever key locks. A ramp is also supplied

  • Optional Extras

The Vault can be fitted with a Category 3, 4, or 5 emergency door, a grille gate with up to 3 key locks, and additional combination, key or time locks can be fitted to the doors

General Specifications

Vaults are manufactured in accordance with SABS Categories 2 ADM, 3, 4, & 5 (SABS 949-1967) and are fully tested & approved by the SABS. The Cat 4 level contains a high strength barrier material to withstand the oxy-arc apparatus as well as other percussion and cutting tools such as oxy acetyline, jack hammers, angle grinders, etc.

The highest level of a vault, ie. the Cat 5 has all of the above protection with the addition of thermic lance & diamond core drill protection, again SABS tested.